Group Overview
  • Non–differentiated
  • Locally sourced
  • Wide range
  • Focused choice per range
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  • Differentiated or value–added
  • Significant percentage imported
  • Specialised ranges
  • Extensive choice per range
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General Building Materials


Steinbuild’s General Building Materials division (GBM) offers a full range of non-differentiated building material products that are locally sourced and distributed throughout southern Africa. Our 143 outlets consist of BUCO, Pennypinchers and Hardware Warehouse, which focus on building contractors to DIY enthusiasts, to Timbercity specialising in board and timber-related products and services. Ensuring that regional needs are catered for, the Division is further subdivided into its Inland and Coastal operations.



The BUCO philosophy of genuine partnership with our customers, rather than serving as a mere warehouse for building products, is best exemplified by our motto of "Let's Build Together". BUCO offers a full range of products that are primarily sourced locally and supplied to our partners, which include major development groups, contractors and DIY enthusiasts. Our stores are designed to ensure an enjoyable shopping experience for contractors through dedicated contractor counters and easy access to payment and pick-up facilities. At the same time, DIY customers are equally well looked after, being able to navigate their way around well-merchandised stores, while ensuring at the same time that they enjoy the benefits of our extensive product ranges.


Pennypinchers brings just about everything that is needed for construction, from foundation to the roof. Besides being a building material supplier, we also stock a range of other essential items for DIY projects, home improvement and renovation. Our clients range from professional commercial and industrial developers, to DIY and home improvement enthusiasts. In order to offer advice on a range of projects, we employ staff with extensive building, product and industry knowledge.

Hardware Warehouse

In the spirit of Ubuntu, we care about our customers and our communities. Therefore, we offer the most suited products for the job at the lowest possible price and advice to get the job done. Whether you are looking for building basics, such as cement, bricks, doors or windows, or essential finishes, such as flooring, tiles, paint or fencing, we have the products you need. Best of all, every product in our stores is available at a competitive price. That’s because our goal is to work together, ensuring that you get the most for your money and can complete your renovation or building project within budget and on time.


With 40 years of experience in providing superior products and outstanding service, Timbercity has become one of southern Africa’s most recognised and trusted brands. Specialising in board, timber and hardware-related products, we complement this with competitive prices, along with excellent advice. We offer our customers all the essentials to complete their projects on time and within budget. Friendly service and top advice are part of the package! We also offer a delivery service from store direct to your door.

The Tile House

We source and supply wall and floor tiles for interior and exterior use for both residential and commercial projects. The Tile House showcases the latest trends in both international and local tiles. Our amazing products can be viewed at the Lamborghini and Porsche showrooms in Cape Town, Topaz in the Strand, The Glen in Camps Bay and Fountainebleau in Panorama.


Chipbase is a board merchant, which specialises in the cutting and edging of all board products within the kitchen and cupboard industry. We stock a wide range of board products specialising in melamine colours, which can be viewed at any of our branches.


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